Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Remote access network assures data security, RoI

Remote access, a key aspect of today's enterprise, not only enables customers access the network from any corner of the globe resulting in comprehensive, fast and safe transaction but also ensures data security. Aventail's SSL VPN application is one such solution, which has driven more and more customers to deploy the duct.

I spoke with Ajay Kumar N, Country Manager, Aventail, briefs how remote access supports small and medium business (SMBs) accelerate the business process cost-effectively.

On enabling remote access for customers.

AK: Remote access is an ability to access the resources that are meant for private use from a public domain. This could be feasible through Internet. Incorporating remote access in infrastructure enables customers, vendors or any third party people to log onto a network outside the parent company and access the necessary data without disturbing the data security.

On factors that are driving end-users to deploy remote access.

AK: PC penetration, advanced features in mobiles, smart phones, availability of Internet, giving a local touch to international problems are some of the factors that have enabled end-users to get access to remote access. One time investment on product without leading to additional costs such as training, investment on security solutions and return on investment (ROI) are also the added reasons.

On how end-users are looking at enabling remote access.

AK: With business sector looking at reaping considerable ROI by securing the data, it is inevitable for entrepreneurs to deploy such solutions, which simplify work processes cost-effectively with increase in production. In fact, IT has been a major requirement to have a hassle-free administration in any industry. Thus, IT solutions are no longer a niche products.

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